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DOT Information

    DOT codes are nothing to fear. A DOT is a tire identification number. Included in this number is the week and year the tire was manufactured. It's not uncommon to find tires that have been manufactured years ago.
    Here at Used Treads Tire Store you may find tires that have older DOT codes. We frequently help manufacturers and distributors clear out discontinued inventory. This allows us to buy in bulk at discounted rates and pass those savings on to you. 
    Are you concerned that your tires are too old? A general guideline and consensus from tire manufacturers; including Bridgestone Americas Inc and Michelin North America, and tire industry associations around the world recommend replacing tires 10 years after the manufacturer date code.
    Our tires are stored in our shop or in a warehouse protected from the sun and other elements.
    A great article that discusses older DOT codes can be found here:                  
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